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[WATCH] Tale of the Nine-Tailed Korean Drama

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  • Name: Tale of the Nine-Tailed
  • Alternative name: Tale of Gumiho or The Story of Gumiho 
  • Hangul: 구미호뎐 
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcasting Network: tvN
  • Genre: Romance, Action, Fantasy
  • Release date: October 7, 2020
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday
  • Director: Kang Shin Hyo
  • Writer: Han Woo Ri
  • Production: Studio Dragon, HOW Pictures


Nam Ji Ah is a television producer for a show about urban myths. She specializes in looking for mythical creatures. She is really good at her job and has good instincts. While investigating a case, she starts to suspect that a man named Lee Yeon may be behind all the mystery and she is determined to catch him.

Lee Yeon is a Gumiho, a nine-tailed fox who used to reign as a god. However, due to his transgressions, he is now forced to roam the earth while getting rid of evil creatures and cleansing human spirits. So far, he has done a great job of blending in the world by taking human form but Nam Ji Ah is close to discovering his secret.

As if this was not enough, Lee Yeon also has to watch out for his brother Lee Rang, a half-human and half-gumiho, looking to make his life miserable. Lee Rang resents his brother and wants to see him suffer.

If she learns the truth what will happen? Will she reveal his identity to the world or can he find a way to convince her to keep his secret?

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Cast

  • Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yeon
  • Jo Bo Ah as Nam Ji Ah
  • Park Da Yun as Nam Ji Ah  as a child
  • Kim Bum as Lee Rang
  • Kim Yong Ji as Yoo Ri

Watch Tale of the Nine-Tailed Online

Supporting Cast

  • Hwang Hee as Shin Joo
  • Kim Jung Nan as Pal Ui Pa
  • Ahn Kil Kang as Hyun Ui Woong
  • Kim Hee Jung as Nam Ji Ah’s mother
  • Song Young Kyu as Nam Ji Ah’s father
  • Jang Won Hyung as Baek Shi Woo
  • Jung Shi Yool as Kim Soo Oh
  • Kim Kang Min as Pyo Jae Hwan
  • Jung Yi Seo as Kim Sae Rom

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Watch Tale of the Nine-Tailed Online