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  • Name: Youth of May
  • Alternative name:   Youth in May  or  May Youth 
  • Hangul: 오월의 청춘 
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcasting Network: KBS2
  • Genre: Romance, Youth, Melodrama
  • Release date: May 3, 2021
  • Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays
  • Director: Song Min Yup
  • Writer: Lee Kang
  • Production: KBS Drama Production, Story Hunter Production


Youth of May tells the story of two young people who get caught up in the Gwangju uprising in May 1980.

Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) is a troublemaker who hates anything that is predictable. He becomes the joy and pride of Gwangju when enters Seoul National University College of Medicine with top grades. He wanted to break the prejudice of boys being raised by single mothers. He loves playing the guitar and going to music cafes. However, due to unexpected events, he is experiencing the harshest May of his life.

Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Xi) is a hardworking nurse who lives alone in Gwangju. She works many hours and sends money back to her family. She carries a lot of weight emotionally so she is not friendly enough to comfort crying patients. But she is smart and good at her job.

In a twist of fate, Hwang Hee Tae and Kim Myung Hee will fall for each other but the odds are not in their favor.

Youth of May Cast

  • Lee Do Hyun as Hwang Hee Tae
  • Go Min Si as Kim Myung Hee
  • Lee Sang Yi as Lee Soo Chan
  • Geum Sae Rok as Lee Soo Ryun

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Supporting Cast

  • Oh Man Suk as Hwang Gi Nam
  • Shim Yi Young as Song Hae Ryung
  • Kim Won Hae as Kim Hyun Chul
  • Hwang Young Hee as Choi Soon Nyeo
  • Uhm Hyo Sup as Lee Chang Geun
  • Kim Eun Soo as Lee Kwang Kyu
  • Park Se Hyun as Lee Jin Ah
  • Kim Tae Bum as Park Dong Wook
  • Kim Yi Kyung as Oh In Young
  • Kwon Young Chan as Kim Kyung Soo

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