Wonho’s Muscles: How to Get His Arms and Abs

Wonho Muscles - Wonho Abs - Wonho Arms

Wonho is gearing up to drop his debut album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me on September 4, 2020, and we are all excited. A Wonho album means we get more opportunity to hear his sultry and enchanting voice. But it also means we get more opportunity to see Wonho’s muscles (A.K.A Wonho’s abs and arms). And my friends is always a welcome bonus. Just in case you need convincing, here is a teaser video:

Wonho’s Muscles

Now that you have seen how impressive Wonho’s body is and how good he looks in every outfit (or with his shirt open), I know you are dying to know some of his secrets.. So how do you get Wonho’s muscles? Simple. Make working out a priority, remain consistent, eat clean, and make sure to rest.

Wonho loves to run on the treadmill and do cycling for about 1hr 30 minute every day. He spends a lot of time in the gym. His former members from Monsta X revealed that Wonho always makes time to exercise. Even after performing for three hours or getting little sleeps, he tries to get his workout in. He has become an inspiration for people around because they can see his dedication to working out.

Wonho’s Arms

Wonho is famous for his large arms, wide shoulders and chest. So if you are looking to have impressive arms like Wonho, make sure to add the following exercises in your rotation. He loves doing push ups, shoulder press, in and outs with some dumbbells, side curls and bicep curls.

Wonho’s Abs

Wonho’s abs are simply perfect. They are chiseled, well defined, and did we say perfect? He credits his clean diet for his amazing abs. He also does a lot of exercises that focus on his abdomen. He is a monster when it comes to doing pull up ab workouts.

Wonho Workout

One of his favorite exercise is chair curl ups. He recommends doing them for 20 to 30 seconds and in three sets. This is a great tip because you can even do those at home. No need for a gym. So, no excuses buddy!

A lot of time, we tend to focus a lot on working out so that we can get to our results, but we forget how important it is to let our bodies rest. Not getting the proper rest, can lead to us feeling overworked, no longer motivated to workout, or worst injuries. Resting is important so that we can continue to be consistent and see encouraging results.

Wonho shared that he always rests before working out. He listens to his body’s needs. He also loves to stretch before and after workouts when his body is sore and to avoid injuries. One of his favorite tools is the foam roller because it helps to loosen the muscles when they feel tight and sore.

On top of his already strict routine, the singer also takes his vitamins, health supplements, and eats a lot of red ginseng. He is very health conscious and has a good understanding of how the body works. He even revealed that he drinks warm water when he eats salty food because it helps prevent water retention. He is not down with that excess water weight.

It is clear that in order to get Wonho’s muscles, it is important to have a solid workout routine and a lot of healthy habits. We will not get results overnight. However, if we remain consistent just like he does, we can also become very fit. But most importantly, let’s have fun with it!

Also, Wonho is known for sharing some of his nice workout tips and progress pictures on his personal Instagram account. So, you should probably hit that follow button.

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