Yang Hyun Suk from YG Entertainment Indicted For Threatening Informant In B.I Case

Yang Hyun Suk Indicted - B.I Case

On May 28, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office of the Violent Crimes Criminal Division indicted Yang Hyun Suk without detention for threatening the informant in B.I’s case.

In 2019, an informant, who was arrested on charges of smoking marijuana with Big Bang’s TOP in August 2016, testified to the police that B.I purchased and used drugs. But after he recanted his story because he received threats threats pushing him to reverse his statement. Since then, the informant claims that the police investigation into B.I’s case was not been properly conducted.

Yang Hyun Suk strongly denies all the allegations. However, the prosecution found that the charges were admissible after interviewing both the informant and Yang Hyun Suk.

Yang Hyun-suk was also accused of asking Han’s agency to go abroad in 2016 (a criminal escape teacher). However, the representative of the agency who instructed Han to leave the country was suspended as a reference because he is currently on the run. Suspension of witness refers to temporarily suspending judicial proceedings if the facts of the charges of the accused who were charged for failing to summon the key witnesses are not vindicated.

Prosecutors indicted Yang Hyun Suk and handed over B.I’s case for trial on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. B.I is accused of purchasing and possibly using some purchasing marijuana and LSD through an acquaintance between April and May 2016.

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