Yeontan: BTS’s 8th Member – Everything You Should Know

BTS V and Yeontan

Being part of the BTS fandom comes with a lot of bragging rights. You get to say that you belong to the currently most popular boy group in the world. Your favorite kpop group is not only breaking records globally but they are also making a difference and being a force for good all over the world. They are handsome, talented, and really generous and nice. But being a true fan also comes with some expectations like learning all types of information about the members. So today, we are learning more about the 8th member of BTS: Yeontan!

Who Is Yeontan?

Yeontan is BTS’s V dog. He is a beloved member of the BTS family and is super popular. All the members are close to him and love him. They sometimes call him Tani, Tan, or Kim Yeontan.

Yeontan BTS: V's Dog
Yeontan BTS: V’s Dog

When is BTS Yeontan’s Birthday?

BTS Yeontan’s Birthday is on September 7th. He is so popular with ARMY. On his birthday, it is very common for his name to trend all over Twitter because ARMY will send him loving birthday wishes.

What Yeontan’s Breed?

Yeontan is a Pomeranian. He was very small when BTS V got him. But he has now grown up so much with the love and care of his proud dad V but also all the other members.

Why is Yeontan Considered the 8th Member of BTS?

Yeontan lived with all the BTS members in their dorm. Over the years, ARMY has gotten to see a lot of pictures and videos about Yeontan so they all have fallen in love with him. Because it seems like he was always with the members, it is almost like he was the 8th member of BTS. Unfortunately, the group’s schedule got too hectic for them to properly care for him on a regular basis. So now, Yeontan lives with V’s family.

Here is a 6-minute video of several clips showing how much all the BTS members love Yeontan:

Are there Any Other BTS Pets?

V is not the only member who has pets. In fact, there are many other BTS pets.

  • Jungkook has a family dog named Gureum. Jungkook’s dog is a Maltese
  • RM has an American Eskimo named Rapmon.
  • Suga has an adorable toy poodle named Holly.
  • J-hope has a Shih Tzu named Mikey
  • Jin has a love for Sugar Gliders. He has had many but two passed away. Only one is still alive and his name is Gukmul.
  • V has two more dogs called Soonshim and Sangdol and a cat named Kkanji.

Jimin is the only member of BTS who does not have a pet. However, he loves pets. He used to have a dog named Ddosun but he, unfortunately, passed away. The experience must have been very painful for him because since then he has not adopted any new pets. However, you can tell how much he loves dogs by seeing how affectionate he is with Yeontan and with other dogs.

BTS Jimin and Yeontan
BTS Jimin and Yeontan

More Pictures of BTS V and Yeontan